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    Why Choose Us

    Success Based Fees Only

    If we are not successful with your claim there is no fee - nothing, none, nada, zip


    It will take us less than half an hour on the ‘phone to work out if you have a claim - we know what we are doing

    Streamlined Process

    We have a really streamlined process that optimises your teams input - most claims take up less than a man day, collectively


    Vast experience of making successful claims - first time every time.

    Our Experience

    • Successful Claims Processed 100% 100%
    • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%
    • Percentage of iPhone battery life that freaks Mick out 62% 62%
    • Amount of statistics that are completely made up 35% 35%

    Some of Our Sectors

    R&D covers a really wide range of business sectors. As long as you are a Limited Company and you meet the criteria, we can work out whether you qualify. It only takes a 15 minute call to work out if you are eligible, so make that call.

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    In the words of Take That, it only takes a minute girl - to fall in love. In our case it only takes us 15 minutes to work out if you qualify for R&D Tax Relief. If you do, I can guarantee you will fall in love with iGS…